Painting Freedom Home

When God Speaks

"We were doing an outreach with a young adults group in a park in Asheville, NC on a blazing hot summers day. We were playing music and drawing when a homeless man walks up to us. This was the most scarred man I have ever seen. He approaches me and says "Hey man, I just saw you drawing and I see this picture of a mans face who is missing pieces. It's like his life is in pieces and he's looking for something. I don't know what that something is but I think it might be Jesus and I need whatever it is that he has. Can you tell me more about it?" I was stunned but then had the opportunity to share about the Gospel of Jesus with that man in the park. It was incredible!"


After three months on the road and living out of his car,  Tucker and his team had finally made it to Ocean City, NJ for the final outreach. They setup their easels and started playing music. A small crowd started to gather but then it kept growing and growing and growing. Eventually the police arrived and attempted to shut the outreach down but there was no legal reason why so they continued playing and were able to share the Gospel with several hundred people in one night

Take the Coast 2014

In the summer of 2014, Founder Tucker Rodkey set out by himself on a three month missions trip, using art to share the Gospel. The day he was going to leave he barely had enough money. Then his home church brought him on stage and publicly declared their support for him and his vision. They proceeded to donate 8,000 in personal donations to his mission. God provided in an incredible way that day. Tucker went on to share the Gospel with thousands of people over that summer. 

If There Is At Least One

Tucker was speaking at The Christian Academy in Brookhaven one afternoon. He started with the middle school chapel and it went incredibly well. During the break, Tucker had an accident and tore his ACL completely in half. Through the blinding pain he asked for crutches and a stool. He proceeded to lead the entire high school chapel which included speaking and painting. He was then rushed to the emergency and had to have his ACL replaced. Afterwards Tucker said that the reason he refused to go to the hospital earlier was "If there is one kid who is going to hear this message and change the world, I can muscle through the pain." 

Freedom in Surrender

Painting Freedom performed a spoken word piece and live painting for Calvary Chapel of Delaware County's worship service. They spoke about freedom and how we can only gain freedom from surrender. After the message a man comes forward and proceeds to tell his story. He was released from prison recently and was living at a halfway house. He had given up hope but after seeing and hearing about the freedom that is offered to us in Christ, his hope was renewed. He gave his life to Christ that morning and left with the hope and freedom of Jesus Christ in his life. 

The Deaf Will Hear

After performing our piece "For The Sake of the World" at Creation Festival, a man stopped us as we were walking back to our booth. He told us of his involvement with the deaf ministry at Creation Fest, the music festival we were performing at. "I just wanted to let you know," he said, " that our deaf community hear was incredibly moved by your performance. We cannot hear the music or hear the words but we understood exactly what you were challenging us to do. Thank you so much for your ministry." 

The Blind Will See

One day in the gallery we had constructed at Creation Fest, two guys came walking through and were looking at the prodigal son art pieces. One of the men was blind and his friend was walking along side of him describing the room and the paintings around him. It was amazing to see that even someone who was blind was able to understand and appreciate the art around him and be moved and inspired by it.

Christine's Story

Just being a part of Painting Freedom is a God story for me. In art school I was so frustrated trying to communicate the Gospel through my art. If my work looked too Christian no one was interested and if the gospel message was too hidden nobody got the message. I will never forget the night I was so frusterated crying and telling God that I wanted to quit art! I asked God to make a way for my art to point directly to Jesus. Years later I was asked to give my testimony and share my artwork at an event. I knew God had answered my prayer when people were moved toward Jesus by watching my painting develop right before their eyes on stage. Painting Freedom has given me a way to use my gifts to share the Gospel like nothing else. 

Abby's Story

 While on a missions trip in high school. Tucker told me that he was launching a ministry called Painting Freedom. He told me that wherever I ended up going or whatever I ended up doing I would always have a place on his team as long as he was doing ministry. Almost exactly one year later I stood in the same spot where Tucker and I had that conversation a year earlier. We had just finished a performance for  120 high school students. I marveled that in the course of that year Painting Freedom Ministries had created a  number of new artistic performances ministering to over 80,000 people. God is so much bigger than our thoughts and plans and when we obey Him He is faithful to provide.